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GOOD Philosophy

G.O.O.D, which stands for Give Ourselves Our Daily – Products goal is to empower women through fitness and nutrition and to promote a positive body image regardless of age. Underscoring the scope and foundational importance of the Lord’s Prayer, founder and mother of two, Diana Catalina, endeavors to help educate, support and inspire moms and all women to make positive changes for themselves and their family.

Meet the Founder

Meet the Founder

My name is Diana Catalina, founder and a regular mom of two – under 2! Yes, that’s right, “two kids under two!” As a new mom I often felt overwhelmed with the responsibilities of raising my children, taking care of my family and desperately finding time to take care of myself.

After giving birth and struggling to lose all of the weight I gained while pregnant, I quickly realized that I lost control of my health and something had to be done. I knew that I had to make positive changes to my health so like most women; I started searching the Internet for weight loss products! Unfortunately, finding a trustworthy supplement to help me shed the extra pounds was very difficult. Formulas were either too trendy or ineffective, contained way too many dangerous ingredients or simply “wasn’t GOOD enough!” I quickly recognized the need for an all-natural wellness line for women, especially mothers. And as a result, GOOD products was born.

Through dedication and a lot help from dieticians, nutritionist and experts with over 50 years of experience, I was able to develop a trusted supplement line using only high quality ingredients, sourced from trusted partners.

Imagine having more energy, thinking more clearly, and being in the best shape of your life – even after having kids. GOOD products will help you achieve all of that and more!

The best shape of your life isn’t behind you!

Losing weight is hard; but it is NOT impossible. “Let’s Do it Together!”

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